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Airbus A321
The Airbus A321 is the stretched version of the A320, which allows increasing the capacity until near 200 passengers in the routes with more demand.

Type Delivery date Name Registration Observations
321-211(SL) 21/04/2014 Tossa de Mar EC-MAR  
321-211(SL) 12/05/2014 Figueres EC-MAS  
321-211(SL) 01/06/2014 Vic EC-MAT  
321-211(SL) 24/11/2014 El Prat de Llobregat EC-MDR  
321-211(SL) 27/04/2015 Reus EC-MFH Special livery: Gaudí
321-211(SL) 30/08/2015 Vilobí d'Onyar EC-MHT  
321-211(SL) 11/01/2016 Alguaire EC-MJD  
In service: 7  /  Pending orders: 0


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