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To become an Air Catalonia pilot it is necessary to:
  1. Master one or more of the following models:
    • Airbus A32X (Aerosoft / Wilco)
    • Bombardier DHC8 Q400 (Majestic Software)
    • Boeing 737 (PMDG / iFly)
    • Boeing 757 (Quality Wings)
    • Boeing 777 (PMDG)
  2. Knowledge of instrumental aviation (IFR).
  3. Having experience as an IVAO pilot is desirable, but not mandatory.
The regulations all the pilots of Air Catalonia have to follow is the following one:


Air Catalonia does not offer at the moment any theoretical-practical instruction about aviation procedures or the fleet models. When a pilot registers, we understand the he/she acquired them previously.

The pilots have to purchase their own fleet models. Air Catalonia will only provide the airline's textures of every model the pilot is entitled to fly.


There is a minimum of 2 flights per month (outbound and inbound).

It is mandatory to return the plane to the hub, and the inbound flight has to be done within the first 3 days after the outbound one. Otherwise, the plane will be transferred to the hub and the pilot will receive a warning.

In case the pilot cannot achieve one of the previous points because of personal reasons, he must notify it to the staff.


It is possible to fly both online (IVAO) and offline. The company allows its pilots to freely choose which one they prefer at any moment.

Flying in IVAO requires a minimum of experience in phraseology and aviation procedures. If you are a rookie, IVAO offers good manuals and classes, as well as the rookie day. For more information check the IVAO website.

No incidents with other IVAO members will be tolerated. Any problem will lead to the immediate dismissal of the conflicting pilot.


All the airline management is done with FSAirlines. FSAirlines is a complete airline manager which allows the pilots to register their flights using a tracking software. This software uses different flight variables to later score the flight, and register the plane status. Actions such as exceeding the speed limit or a hard landing will affect the pilot score and the plane status.

It is mandatory to be registered in FSAirlines and being a member of Air Catalonia.

Only fully completed and registered flights will be taken into account.

In case an incident affects the plane during the flight, the pilot must notify it to the staff.

In case there is an error in the flight registry, the pilot must notify it to FSAirlines using the provided form, as well as to the airline staff.

Pilots without experience in FSAirlines can rise their doubts in our Facebook.


Pilots failing to comply these regulations may be dismissed.

Title Requirement
Student Student from 0 to 20h
First Officer First Officer from 20 to 50h
Senior First Officer Senior First Officer from 50 to 100h + vPPL
Captain Captain from 100 to 200h + vATPL
Senior Captain Senior Captain +200h + Type Rating (1)
Medal Description
Golden Wings Golden Wings Participation in 10 events.
Mobile World Congress Mobile World Congress 3 rotations to selected destinations during the MWC week.
Primavera Primavera 8 rotations to selected destinations during spring season.
Christkinklmarkt Christkinklmarkt 5 rotations to selected destinations during the Christmas markets season.
Rally Aeroclub Rally Aeroclub Participation in all the courses of the Aeroclub's rally.
Aniversari CTO Aniversari CTO Participation in one of the events organized for the anniversary of Air Catalonia.
IFR Summer Tour IFR Summer Tour Completion of the 5 stages of the IFR summer tour.
Esquí a Lleida Esquí a Lleida 2 rotations to Lleida during the ski season.
Ajuda humanitària Ajuda humanitària 1 flight of humanitarian aid.
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