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This is the list of pilots of the airline. All the auxiliar information can be found clicking on every pilot's ID.

Do you want to be an Air Catalonia pilot? We recommend you to check our regulations and then write us an  with your CV as a virtual pilot, and whether or not you are an IVAO member. Another way to request for more information is through our Facebook page. Once the staff has accepted your request, you will have to complete the registration at FSAirlines in order to reserve and register your flights with the airline.

ID Name Family name IVAO member Llicència Real Premis Staff Title
CTO101 Marc Sant Dencàs 173.389 - CEO Senior First Officer
CTO102 Alejandro López Barajas 421.123 - RRHH First Officer
CTO103 Edgar Domènech Llinares 184.179 PPL   Senior First Officer
CTO104 Jordi Plantalech Sirvent 223.868 - Op Director First Officer
CTO110 Jordi Puiggròs Ascón 130.160 -   First Officer
CTO116 Jan Nubiola Remolins 250.199 ATPL   Dir ACAC Senior First Officer
CTO118 Xavier Tutusaus 106.157 -     First Officer
CTO124 Francesc Cabré Serra - -     -
CTO125 Alberto Vallverdú 150.945 -   First Officer
CTO126 Xavier Montlló Ponsa 388.465 -   Senior First Officer
CTO138 Christian Roig Losada 450.204 PPL en curs RRHH First Officer
CTO146 Ramon Rota Peinado 346.188 -   First Officer
CTO157 Gerard Ferrer 465.723 -   First Officer
CTO168 Antonio Camacho Martínez 487.155 -     First Officer
CTO170 Gerard Palau Martinez 480.309 ATPL en curs   First Officer
CTO172 Adrià Galobart Gran 191.422 PPL   First Officer
CTO173 Marc Ferré Moliner 377.789 PPL   First Officer
CTO175 Albert Pàmpols Felip 227.756 -   First Officer
CTO176 Jesus Calderon Marsal 201.269 PPL   Senior First Officer
CTO178 Michael Cruz Álvarez 498.402 -   First Officer
CTO180 Pere García Navau 479.734 -     Student
CTO184 Jesús Roig 510.776 -   First Officer
CTO192 Marc Catalan 401.741 ATPL     Student
CTO193 Edgar David Ruelas Claros 475.418 -     First Officer
CTO194 Eric Casasayas 487.993 -     First Officer
CTO196 Jonatan Santiago García-Gil 460.595 -   Student
CTO199 Gerard Toukam Campeny 480.101 -     First Officer
CTO200 Jose Oscar Almisas Barrera 515.168 -     Student
CTO201 Miguel Corral García 517.747 -     Student
CTO202 Carles García 470.262 -     First Officer
CTO203 Joan Mas 505.158 -     Student
CTO204 Pau Casajuana 482.110 -     Student
CTO208 Guillem Perramon Mascaró 503.909 -     Student
CTO210 Roger Puig 506.582 -     Student
CTO211 Daniel Olivares 574.147 -     Student
CTO212 Gabriel Garcia 471.531 -     Student
CTO213 Pablo Tudurí 525.794 -     Student
CTO214 Pau Mars Verdaguer 512.168 -     Student
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